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Des Plaines Wetlands Conservancy

The Des Plaines Wetlands Conservancy (DWC) is an established 501(c)3 Non-for-Profit organization whose mission is to conserve, protect, and acquire significant undeveloped lands adjacent to the Des Plaines River and it tributaries.  The DWC was established in November of 1983 for the purpose of holding the vast majority of the land which comprises the Halter Wildlife hunting grounds.


The DWC has launched Funding the Future, a campaign to raise money to acquire surrounding land and to keep them from being developed as residential or industrial property.  We are also committing funds to protect these fragile wetlands and to improve the habitat for hunting.


The DWC land committee is continuously researching properties surrounding the club which could cause a potential risk if developed.  Having funds on hand for possible land opportunity reassures that we would be able to move to purchase when timing is critical.


Since the start of our Campaign three years ago, we have been able to purchase an “at risk” property and upcoming, we will be closing on additional parcels.


Please consider helping us Fund the Future of the Des Plaines Wetlands Conservancy and the legacy of Halter Wildlife.

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