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Howdy buckaroos and buckarettes!

Thank you for putting your sights on The cowboy shootout website. If you’ve never been to a cowboy shoot out that makes a whole lotta sense because this is a newly conceived event that will allow you to test your skills similar to those folks who lived in the wild west. There are three major contests with both overall prizes and individual event prizes.

The first event is mounted shooting in which y'all hop on your nag mounted on a trailer and will be pulled through an old west town shooting desperados and outlaws with your lever action rifle and six shooter from your side. You will also be tested with your Indian skills, shooting a bow and arrow from your horse mount as well as throwing tomahawks.

The second event is called fast draw where are you will be timed pulling your six shooter from your side and shooting a target. 

Our third event is riding a top of a good old mechanical bull.  Easy spitting! All your scores will be tabulated to see who walks away with the winning belt buckles.

Other highlights of the day will be a brisket and ribs barbecue with all the fixin‘s. Fill in the day with clay shooting and fishing then belly up to the bar in the saloon to wet your whistle after you’re done with all your shoot.

The Cowboy Shootout is open to cowboys, cowgirls and children are welcome as spectators. Bring out the whole family to enjoy horseshoes, bags and A full day of entertainment.

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